The Phoenix Suns are perhaps the most interesting team to watch as the NBA trade deadline approaches. Armed with Emeka Okafor and a string of draft picks, the Suns are almost certain to make a trade before the deadline passes and fans are scanning the list of names that could be added to the roster by the end of Feburary.

We’ve heard names like Evan Turner and Pau Gasol in trade rumors, but one name that might make some sense is Carlos Boozer. The Chicago Bulls are rumored to be amnestying him in the offseason and he’s recently grown frustrated with his reduced role thanks to Taj Gibson.

Bill Ingram from Basketball Insiders states that Boozer’s name is among a few to keep an eye on as the deadline approaches.

Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, Larry Sanders, Omer Asik, Anderson Varejao, Carlos Boozer, Spencer Hawes and maybe even Brook Lopez are a few of the bigger names that are believed to be available. If the Suns could add a star-level big man to their front line they might just have enough talent to get to the second round.

The Bulls don’t want to totally rebuild through the draft, but freeing up Boozer’s cap figure as well as getting more first-round picks could be a deal they want.