The Luis Scola video tribute began to roll Wednesday night at Toyota Center and Scola began to sway from foot to foot as he watched.

Scola was an open book all day that he would be admittedly emotional in his first return as a Suns player to Houston, where he played the previous five seasons.

Scola got through it, but not without wiping his face with a towel and biting it before waving to the Rockets fans’ standing ovation.

The only thing Marcus Morris needed to bite for his first return to Houston was his lip. Morris, acquired by the Suns last month amid his second Rockets season, does not have the warm feeling that Scola does or even one to match Goran Dragic, whose 88-game Rockets stint helped his prominence.

“I’m happy to see guys but it’s a lot different,” Morris said. “This is where they’ve been. It’s not a homecoming for me. I only really played here this year and not even a whole year. I feel like it’s another game. I’m just playing against some guys I know.”

“The opportunity was slim for me. I wanted to be somewhere where I could play and not always looking over my shoulder. That’s what I was doing here the whole time. The first year I was in the D-League. Second year, I was up and down on minutes and never really got a steady pace.”

Morris has started the past four games at small forward for the Suns. He had started in Houston this year too, but at power forward when Patrick Patterson was hurt. The Rockets were 11-6 when Morris started for the best record any Rockets player has as a starter this season.