Hunter Pence always hustles. He's one of those guys who has just one speed -- fast. So when Chase Utley beat the play to second when Pence hit an infield chopper with two outs and the bases loaded in the eighth inning on Saturday night at the Bank, Pence got the extra inch he needed to beat the throw to first.

Pence's single gave the Phillies a late three-run cushion, but actually did more damage than that. Had the newest Phils' starter not beat out the throw, Raul Ibanez would not have come to the plate to belt the grand slam that got the party started a little early on Saturday night.

So as the Phillies wrapped up their fifth straight NL East title and brought the celebration back into the clubhouse, the veterans of past celebrations decided to wait to pop that first champagne cork until Pence made it back from the field.