If it comes to it, the Phillies will go back to Miami to play a few more innings of baseball. At least that's what the team announced on Monday after filing an official protest to umpire Joe West's call in the sixth inning of Sunday's series finale at Sun Life Stadium.

"I think we're just doing what we think is right," general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. "We'll deal with the consequences after that."

Manager Charlie Manuel filed the initial protest during Sunday's 14-inning loss to the Marlins when West decided to go to the video replay even though the umpires on the field ruled Hunter Pence's long drive to the right-field fence was a double, despite the fact that fans had interfered with the ball.

The play was reviewed on instant replay and Pence was called out. Ryan Howard, who had gone to third on the would-be double, was sent back to first base. Instead of having men on second and third with no outs, the Phils had a man on first with one out.

Manuel was ejected from the game by West, who later claimed that the Phils' manager asked for the play to be reviewed. In fact, Manuel did not speak to West until after the umpires returned from reviewing the play.

"It bothers me because I already had been thrown out of the game and it was after the decision that they went to the review," Manuel said. "I wasn't even arguing about that. I was arguing about the reason they went to it.

"You can see on the film that I don't talk to him until after the decision."

Manuel says his interpretation of the rule for video replay is that it cannot be used for a defensive play. Initially, Marlins manager Jack McKeon went onto the field to argue for fan interference instead of a home run. Had McKeon asked for the play to be called a homer, then it could be reviewed, Manuel believed.