Reporters gathered around Brandon Phillips Monday. Marty Brennaman walked by and casually asked: "You sign a new contract yet? I thought that's what this was about."

Brennaman, of course, knew better. Phillips laughed at the gag.

What Phillips was talking about was his 1,000th hit as a Red. He got it Sunday. He had no idea he did until they announced it on the public address after the inning.

"I was like, 'Oh snap, that's what it's about,' " he said.

Phillips has 1,089 hits overall. He was well aware of the 1,000th of his career.

"I knew it when I hit it, especially going against the (Cleveland) Indians," he said. "There wasn't a better team to get it off of. It was nice. But as a Red? I didn't know I was here long enough to do that ..."