Yes, that headline means what you think it does. No, it’s not a joke. A new attraction at Lehigh Valley IronPigs games this year will be found in the men’s bathrooms in the form of a video game you control by taking care of a bodily function.

According to the helpful video below, Creative Design’s pee-controlled games are becoming quite the rage. As the crude diagram will show, “players” can move on-screen characters such as the driver of a snowmobile by aiming either left, right, or straight ahead.

Ryan Petzar has much more, including the all-important scoreboard. Once you’ve finished your business, you’ll receive a code which you can enter online to see how you rank against the competition, while high scores will be displayed around the ballpark. Gives new meaning to going number one.

According to the club’s press release, “These games are sure to make a huge splash.” No kidding.