You've probably noticed that the Phillies' starting pitching hasn't been strong in 2014. With a 3.98 ERA, their starters rank fourth-worst in the National League and over the NL average of 3.79.

Cole Hamels has been dominant, but that's it. Cliff Lee hasn't been healthy. A.J. Burnett has not lived up to expectations. Kyle Kendrick has been lousy. Roberto Hernandez is now in L.A. David Buchanan has been a serviceable No. 5 starter in his rookie year, but it's hard to envision a pitcher so reliant on pinpoint command ever being much more than that.

The Phillies have plenty of work to do this offseason. They need outfield help and a less-stale lineup. They need new blood, new ideas and a different line of thinking in constructing a roster, but that's a topic for another day.

One thing that sticks out very clearly is that they need starting pitchers and not just one or two. They need to add at least a handful of rotation candidates between the end of the season and the beginning of spring training. It's the product of having so little organizational depth or young talent ready to hit the majors.

Hamels, if he isn't traded, will be the only reliable starter projected into the Phillies' 2015 rotation. Lee's health cannot be counted on, not yet. Kendrick will likely leave in free agency. Burnett may retire.