It's probably going to get worse before it gets better in Philadelphia. The firing of Peter Laviolette as Flyers head coach Monday isn't going to change much of the Flyers' fortune at least probably not this season and maybe not for a while.

Maybe Laviolette deserved to get fired. Both general manager Paul Holmgren and owner Ed Snider said they had concerns from the beginning of training camp. With Laviolette on a short leash thanks to last year's dismal campaign the 0-3 start to the year for the Flyers with only three goals for was the final straw. That's understandable though making a decision in the offseason would have left the team with a wider array of experienced candidates to choose from.

When addressing the media Holmgren and Snider had to sit before a room full of reporters and try to explain why they made the coaching change promoting assistant Craig Berube and how things will get better. There were plenty of answers for the former and very little about the latter.

Snider was combative in his remarks particularly when asked if he thought the team needed a fresh perspective or a shift in culture after 37 years without a Stanley Cup Snider shot back angrily.

“What's [wrong with] the culture?” Snider sneered. “We haven't won the championship? We've been in the Stanley Cup Final a lot of times. We've been in the playoffs a lot of times. The culture is to win. Thirty teams are trying to win the Cup and we're doing our damnedest to do it. That's our culture. We don't need a fresh perspective. We have a pretty good culture. We know who we're dealing with.”

Herein lies the problem. It's not the culture that is broken it's the process. It is the obsession with winning and winning right now put the Flyers in a position to fire their head coach.