Phil Jackson has never been shy at tweaking his opponents.

He started in on the Spurs almost as soon as he took the Lakers job back in 1999, suggesting an asterisk was necessary for their first championship coming in a lockout-shortened season.

Now the president of the Knicks, Jackson was at it again on Wednesday, sneaking in a quick jab on the Spurs’ inability to defend any of their four championships while complimenting Tim Duncan for taking a salary cut on his most recent contract.

As told by New York Newsday’s Al Iannazzone:

Tim Duncan making the salary he’s making after being part of a dynasty – not a dynasty, I wouldn’t call San Antonio a dynasty — a force, a great force. They haven’t been able to win consecutive championships but they’ve always been there. San Antonio has had a wonderful run through Tim’s tenure there as a player. He’s agreed to take a salary cut so other players can play with him so they can be this good. And that’s the beginning of team play.