Dion Phaneuf wasn't wearing a flak jacket when he was trotted out to face the media as part of the Maple Leafs "See You In September" gathering on Monday.

At least none that we could see.

Given the amount of verbal and written bullets that have been fired his way recently, you would have figured he might need one. With all the criticism that has been heaped on him in the past couple of weeks (some of it justified, some of it really over the top), it's become obvious that fans and media alike have made Phaneuf the No. 2 target as the source of the franchise's epic collapse this season, only trailing embattled general manager Brian Burke in the blame game.

One of the biggest slags of Phaneuf during the team's collapse was the allegation that he had yet to personally assume accountability for the team's downward spiral, something his legions of critics allege should go hand in hand with the "C" that he wears.