The homecoming comparisons will be made liberally all Sunday leading up to Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis.

The man who might best be able to relate to the jubilant welcome Manning will experence didn't even play football.

Wayne Gretzky the NHL's "Great One" once left Edmonton on good terms similar to Manning's situation in Indy. He told the Los Angeles Times' Sam Farmer that he understands the feelings of returning to a city full of friends.

"Let me tell you something Peyton won't sleep much this week because of the emotions and excitement that he's probably feeling" Gretzky said. "I can't speak for him but I know what I went through. It's pretty emotional. I spent a lot of years there like he did and you become almost friends with the city."

Gretzky started his professional career in Indy at the age of 17 so he understands the dynamic of the city.