Pretty much everything you need to know about Peyton Manning's offseason can be found in the Q & A that my colleague Pete Prisco did with the Broncos quarterback a few weeks back.

One of the few things Pete didn't ask Peyton about, though? His golf game. Apparently it's quite good -- Sam Farmar of the Los Angeles Times, who also did a click-worthy feature on Manning's offseason, reports that Manning's offseason includes a hole-in-one and a 77 at Augusta.

The ace wasn't actually the first of Manning's career, and naturally he wasn't excited at all about it. Wait. What?

"I made one in college, but I was with some buddies," he said. "This was the first one I'd ever seen go in. In college, we looked in the bunker, the woods, everywhere, and somebody said, 'It's in the hole!' It's a little anticlimactic. But the guys I was playing with this time, they were so excited.

"I mean, I was excited, but you've seen me when I throw a touchdown; I'm kind of ho-hum. These guys went nuts."

Sigh. Must be a tough life not sweating hole-in-one's, huh? But then again, he's already got one and Peyton's a classic "act like you've been there before" kind of guy to me. So maybe this works. (The best part of the story, though, is that he joined a group of guys to play nine holes while waiting on John Elway for a round; one of the guys he played with is a Broncos superfan named Tom Harrington who wears an orange tuxedo to games and freaked when Peyton hit the ace.)

You have to think he was a little thrilled about firing a 77 at Augusta though. It was apparently a round played with Elway and head coach John Fox, who was apparently the worst golfer of the group.

"I played horribly," Fox told Farmer. "I started out as a 14-handicap, but after they saw the way I was playing, they moved me to a 20."

Manning's 77 was his best round and Elway fired a 79, a 74 and a 72. That's, um, pretty good.