Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning joined Jim Rome on Wednesday on 'Rome' and the two talked about a variety of topics including how Manning feels physically and whether it's harder to learn a new offense or unlearn an old one.

Manning also dropped an interesting nugget: he admitted that he'll probably never be as good as he was before he suffered his neck injury. Here's the transcription of that question.

Rome: Are you as good as you were prior to the injury?

Manning: I don't believe that I am. I'm not sure that I can ever get to 100 percent of where I was before my injury. I've definitely made improvements since last season. Time's probably been my best medicine. I've put a lot of time in rehab wise and physical therapy and I still continue to do that."

Manning also told Rome that it's more difficult to unlearn an old offense than to learn a new one. "It's unlearning" Manning said when asked by Rome which was harder. "[Before Denver] I've been in three offenses in my life. One in high school. One at Tennessee and one with the Indianapolis Colts."

Manning spent 14 years in Indianapolis which is probably why he's nearly called a Colts offensive play in the Denver huddle "It is difficult to unlearn that system and to not call an old play in a new offense" Manning said. "That's probably been one of the bigger challenges."