I asked Geoff Petrie if the team was considering additional discipline for DeMarcus Cousins following his latest blowup.

Petrie said no. Cousins will likely be suspended by the NBA for Wednesday's game for his elbow to Mike Dunleavy's head on Sunday.

Cousins has five flagrant foul points and will be suspended for a game. Four more technical fouls and Cousins will be suspended for a game.

"What would more suspensions do?" Petrie said. "He's already had a bunch and facing more?"

Assuming Cousins is suspended it would be his fourth suspension this season, third by the NBA.

Petrie on Cousins controlling his emotions:

"It's more about trying get to the right cause and have some high level understanding to eliminate the things that feed into that."

On Cousins' actions against the Bucks and his habit of taking shots at the coaching staff and organization in postgame comments:

"There's certain line that you just can't cross, and some of the lines got crossed last night. He's certainly entitled to his opinion. But everyone has a role in ow things go, how the team progresses and how professional you are in your approach things."

Petrie said the team remains committed to helping Cousins.

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