Look at where the Bruins are today, in comparison to where they were near the end of June, when Nathan Horton’s agent, Paul Krepelka, dropped the bombshell that his free agent-to-be client would not re-sign with the Stanley Cup finalists.
Now, honestly, despite general manager Peter Chiarelli’s assertion that the B’s wanted to keep Horton, it was never quite clear how they could do that, not with only enough free cash under the cap to sign restricted free agent goalie Tuukka Rask.
Wanting to keep Horton, a universally beloved playoff hero, was one thing; being able to afford it was entirely different.

So it seemed clear that Horton, one way or another, was gone. And, of course, he ended up with a new home in Columbus, Ohio, where he will indeed achieve his stated desire of living a quieter life.
If Horton’s exit was predictable, so too, to an extent, was Tyler Seguin’s departure. The Bruins brass, seeing a kid who in three years hadn’t progressed all that much on the ice — and spent far too much energy living the high life off the ice — was ready to move on.