Hit king Pete Rose says the following in a clip on ESPN.com culled from an interview for ESPN2's "Outside the Lines" about the 25th anniversary of his banishment from baseball:

"I've been led to believe America is a forgiving country, and if you do the right things – keep your nose clean, be a good citizen, pay your taxes, do all the things you're supposed to do – eventually you'll get a second chance."

Rose is hoping for that "second chance" from newly elected baseball commissioner Rob Manfred.

Rose has been banned from organized baseball since Aug. 24, 1989, for gambling.

Manfred was elected by the Major League Baseball owners last Thursday.

He takes office in January, following two decades of rule by Bud Selig.

The hope among many baseball fans is that either Selig, going out the door, or Manfred, coming in, will pardon Rose, and begin a healing process for baseball.