All the inhabitants of the Phillies clubhouse will feel the pain of Maikel Franco's error when they each have to pay manager Pete Mackanin a whopping $1 on Sunday morning.

Mackanin said Franco's error - the third baseman lost a pop-up in the sun on Saturday afternoon despite having sunglasses resting on the brim of his hat - warranted one of the manager's team-wide fines. The team is penalized each time a player slips up, whether it's not hustling or failing to get a bunt down. The manager hopes the rest of the team gets on the player who brought on the fine.

"I don't get it," Mackanin said after a 13-8 loss to Pittsburgh. "He lost the ball in the sun. We're going to have to fine him a dollar."

Franco made sure to wear his shades the next inning.