Chris Pronger walked into a second-floor conference room at the Skate Zone a couple minutes past noon Thursday wearing a gray suit, Flyers’ orange tie, a reddish-brown beard that matches his hair, eyeglasses and a big, fat smile.

Finally ready to share the sad story of his new life as a 6-foot-6 giant who used to be an NHL great, Pronger plopped down in the one chair behind a table for his first interview with the Philadelphia media in more than 15 months.

Looking and sounding healthy, Pronger willingly and openly discussed living with post-concussion syndrome in 28 minutes of probing from a room packed with reporters. Afterward, Pronger hung around to do a television interview, then talked another 10 minutes with Flyers beat writers.

Along the way, there was a lot of his usual friendly banter with the media, plenty of sarcasm and a bunch of one-liners.

Nothing seemed different from when the five-time All-Star defenseman and former league MVP was throwing his body around, blocking shots and directing the Flyers power play from 2009-10 to the early portion of last season.

The big guy who captained the Flyers in 2011-12 appeared to be having a good day.

He wasn’t.

“I got a headache right now and you wouldn’t know it,” Pronger said. “It’s just pounding. Back of the head. That’s the thing. You get used to it. I could sit and talk to people all day long, and you wouldn’t know if I have a headache or feel like crap because I’m just going to talk to you. When I really feel bad is when I have to move.”