With the NHL trade deadline 24 days away, there are way more buyers than sellers because there are few teams that are definitely out of the playoff picture, barring a miracle run — the Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Buffalo Sabres.

Here are the top 20 unrestricted free agents who could move on April 3, mostly as rentals:

1. Corey Perry (Anaheim Ducks). Perry falls under the Marian Hossa, Ilya Kovalchuk umbrella, only Anaheim is a much better club than Atlanta ever was when they traded their studs in their prime at the deadline. The Ducks, the second-best team in the West, just gave Ryan Getzlaf $66 million over eight years. Why Perry just doesn’t go to general manager Bob Murray and say, “Give me the same contract and we’re on our way” is anybody’s guess. They’re a tag-team. Maybe he thinks he can get more than Sidney Crosby’s $8.7 million a year, although that seems unfathomable even if he’d be on the open market. If they can’t sign him in three weeks (maybe he wants $9 million a year), they’ll do one of two things: deal him for three live bodies and a first-round draft pick (see Hossa, Kovalchuk), or work out a sign-and-trade deal with a team the way the NBA does. The team that wants Perry will sign him to an exorbitant rate, but give up way more because he’s not a rental then. The Philadelphia Flyers could do it as long as they were giving up Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier in the deal, and I’d hold out for Wayne Simmonds to offset Perry’s snarliness.

2. Jarome Iginla (Calgary). Iginla is 35, Perry is 27. There’s a big difference in compensation. The Flames captain has a no-trade clause in his contract and has never wanted to play anywhere else, but if Calgary is out of the playoffs, I’m betting Jay Feaster will come to him and says, “Here’s three teams that want you. Take your pick.” He’d be a nice rental for the Boston Bruins or Pittsburgh Penguins.

3. Ryane Clowe (San Jose Sharks). Only 30, he’s a prototypical snarly power forward, although his stats are nothing to jump up and down about this season. Clowe of two years ago was a better buy, but it’s tough to knock his ability to get to the blue paint.