Comerica Park will undergo a $4 million makeover of the right-field Pepsi Porch ahead of Opening Day, complete with 426 additional seats, a new gathering spot to be called the 416 Bar, and with amenities ranging from posh furniture to a nearly 50-foot-long bank of natural-gas flames.

The project, which is funded by the Tigers and by Delaware North Companies Sportservice, is geared to a younger, socially motivated fan demographic. It will boost Comerica Park’s capacity from 41,255 to 41,681.

The new figure is derived from a broad seat rearrangement: 180 newly installed, 773 lower bleachers converted to 694 stadium-style seats, as well as 325 additional places that have been added to the Labatt Blue Light Jungle bleacher stands.

Of the 180 premium seats introduced, 44 will be high-top, four-chair configurations. Any ticket-holder at Comerica Park, including standing-room customers, will be free to enter the 10,000-square foot tract. About 8,000 square feet will be devoted to seats, to the 416 Bar, and to leisure space. An estimated 2,000 square feet will be set aside for restroom expansion.

“We’re excited about this new point of destination we believe fans will enjoy,” said Duane McLean, the Tigers’ executive vice president for business operations. “The new-look right field deck area is open to all fans and will offer an enhanced entertainment value with spectacular field views and increased amenities.

“The New Amsterdam 416 Bar on the Pepsi Porch is a unique social setting with a relaxed outdoor environment, where you can sit comfortably in high-end outdoor furniture, with a nearby fire feature, big flat-screen TVs, and enjoy a ballgame.”

Significant amounts of steel and concrete will be part of the expansion as the new seating area extends beyond the face of the current Pepsi Porch.

Furniture will be sophisticated and designed to target a younger crowd perhaps as inspired by a date night as by the game itself. Waiters and waitresses are expected to assist with orders from the 416 Bar, which is sponsored by the spirits company, New Amsterdam. The 416 Bar gets its name from the distance between home plate and the Pepsi Porch: 416 feet.