Kings guard Arron Afflalo reportedly refused to enter a game, which isn’t ideal (though he denied it).

But put it into context – and it’s even worse.

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders:

Speaking of the Kings, there is a growing rift brewing between Arron Afflalo and the coaching staff. He is also growing unhappy with his role in Sacramento, and there is a belief he has joined a few other Kings players in asking for a trade. Afflalo became trade eligible on December 15, so it’s a situation to watch.

Joined a few other Kings players in asking for a trade? That’d mean at least four players, including Afflalo, requesting a trade. Yikes. Also, plausible.

Rudy Gay has openly stated his desire to move on.

Though he denied making a trade request, Omri Casspi certainly sounds unhappy. The line between requesting and desiring a trade can be razor fin.