Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews took a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit in the fourth quarter of the Eagles 24-15 victory over the Atlanta Falcons that bent his facemask -- and wasn't penalized.

But Matthews, who suffered a bloody mouth, was clear-headed enough after the game to rip officials who missed the obvious helmet-to-helmet violation by Falcons' safety Keanu Neal, who likely will get hit with a fine next week.

"Yeah, I definitely think it was [a penalty]," Matthews said. "My helmet was bent. I had to get a new facemask. I had to change out my facemask and my visor. I don't know what they saw. At the end of the day, we got a win, so I'll take a bloody lip if we get the win."

Matthews was the target on a third-and-12 crossing route with 10:56 remaining. As the ball arrived, so did Neal, who delivered the crown of his helmet to Matthews' face.