Two years ago, you could see in the Green Bay Packers' Family Night scrimmage and first preseason game that free-agent center Jeff Saturday was hitting the wall.

Saturday was 37 at the time and got pushed around too much. It was an early sign of issues to come, and by the end of the year he'd lost his starting job.

Now, I'm not saying that about Julius Peppers, the 34-year-old outside linebacker who this offseason was general manager Ted Thompson's big free-agent signing. But I have to say, I expected a lot more from Peppers in the Packers' preseason opener at Tennessee on Saturday night.

What's holding me back from getting off the Peppers bus early are his ungodly physical skills. He's still 6-feet-7. He's still 290 pounds, and you can't pinch him with pliers. He's Julius Peppers, he's still going to get attention from offenses, especially early in the season. But maybe expectations are too high. Either way, I thought he looked uninterested Saturday night in the 10 snaps he played in the pouring rain.

For instance, he was a big reason Titans running back Shonn Greene scored so easily on a 13-yard touchdown run that was the final play of the No. 1 defense's night. Peppers got too far up field and turned his back to the sideline, which opened a huge hole for Greene to cut inside and go for the score. There might have been a defensive mix-up, because defensive lineman Mike Daniels barreled too far inside also. But Peppers looked like, "Eh, it's preseason."

The hard rain and sloppy track made it tough for anybody to rush the quarterback, so it's hard to fault him there. But against the run, I didn't see what I expected from Peppers. I thought if he lined up across from a tight end on a running play, there was no way he'd get blocked. But he did.

That said, there are factors you have to take into account. Maybe Peppers looked at the offensive side of the ball, saw Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson not in uniform and thought, "How come all these guys younger than me get the night off, and I have to stand out here in the pouring rain?"