Heading into this week, I had already planned on writing about Bruce Arians on Monday and the man who replaced him, Pep Hamilton, on Thursday. My decision was validated by the response to that Monday article. Reading through the various comments, I was amazed at just how interested and passionate fans were in the position - and a little surprised that very few people seem even a little disappointed that Arians is leaving.

So today, let's have a Pep talk. Who is Mr. Hamilton, what does his hiring mean for the Colts, and what in the name of Blue the Mascot is the West Coast offense? I have the answers to NONE of those questions, but we'll fake it together after the jump.

Who is Pep Hamilton?

If this were twitter, the first line of this section would read something like this: I had no clue who Pep Hamitlon was until the Colts hired him #EmbarrassingConfessions

I did watch a lot of Stanford ball in 2011 as it became more and more likely that the Colts would earn the #1 overall pick in the 2012 draft, but the name of their offensive coordinator never really seeped into my consciousness.