Although they made a couple of smaller deals right before the trade freeze, the Penguins are looking to make a splash in the trade market, reports Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos (video link). In particular, Kypreos notes defenseman Kris Letang as someone that they may be willing to move, in part to shed some salary. Letang carries a $7.25MM cap hit through 2021-22.

2017-18 has not been a strong season for Letang, particularly at the defensive end. While he has 25 points in 37 games (a point-per-game mark slightly above his career average), he has struggled considerably in the defensive zone and is turning the puck over at a higher rate than normal.

What would likely be concerning for any potential acquiring team is Letang’s health. He missed the final 23 games last season as well as the playoffs after undergoing neck surgery and Kypreos adds that the fact they won the Stanley Cup last year without Letang makes the idea of moving him a bit more palatable. The 30-year-old has also had three concussions since 2011 while he dealt with a heart ailment that cost him 26 games back in 2014. With that type of injury history and his contract, there is certainly some risk involved although when he is on his game, he can be one of the more dominant defensemen in the league.

If Pittsburgh were to indeed decide to move him, Letang would have a large say in where he would ultimately wind up. On top of having a full no-move clause, he also has an 18-team no-trade clause throughout the life of the contract.