Walk through the Penguins locker room after a typical practice, like the one Friday at Southpointe, and you might catch a snippet of a conversation about one of the player's children.

Or a controversial play elsewhere in the league a night earlier.

Or a memorable game from someone's junior or college career.

Or a movie. Or a pet. Or the weather.

Or nearly anything other than the 14-game winning streak the Penguins will take into their game against the New York Islanders at 1:08 p.m. today at Consol Energy Center.

Oh, they're well aware of the roll they're on -- "It's pretty cool," goalie Marc-Andre Fleury said -- but it isn't a topic of discussion among the players very often. If ever.

"We never really talk about it," center Brandon Sutter said. "We just kind of keep playing and try to keep doing what we're doing. There's really nothing to be said about it now."

Nothing except that, well, the Penguins have accomplished something only a handful of teams in NHL history have managed. The 1929-30 Boston Bruins (14 games), 2009-10 Washington Capitals (14), 1981-82 Islanders (15) and 1992-93 Penguins (17) are the only other clubs that have won that many games in a row.