Considering how well it worked out for him the last time Ray Shero traded with the Dallas Stars, you can understand why the Pittsburgh Penguins' GM might want to go back to that well.

According to reports, he's done exactly that, swinging a deal for Stars' captain Brenden Morrow.

Dallas will receive a package that, while not yet fully disclosed, includes Penguins' defensive prospect Joe Morrow, a clever move that allows the Stars to recycle their captain's old jerseys with only some minor damage where the "C" used to be.

It was a tough call for Morrow, who had the hammer in this deal with his NTC. After 13 seasons as a Dallas Star, it must have been a tough decision to move on.

Complicating that decision: the Boston Bruins reportedly had a deal on the table as well, meaning Morrow had to decide which Eastern Conference team he wanted to join as well. Considering he was leaving Dallas for what could be his last, best shot at the Stanley Cup, that meant deciding which club he thought gave him a better chance to win. That's a tough call, even for the pundits.

But Morrow chose Pittsburgh, and it's tough to criticize a decision to play with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.