Surfacing one by one from the Calgary Flames dressing room at the conclusion of each exit meeting, they claimed that Monday was not the day for contract negotiations with the boss.

But, still, the team’s unrestricted and restricted free agents were questioned about their future with the rebuilding National Hockey League club.

“I don’t have anything to report,” said Michael Cammalleri, one of the team’s biggest assets who could be on the market July 1 if a contract agreement isn’t reached. “I am far from having ruled Calgary out as my future.

“It’s really, at this point, all there is to say about that as far as the organization’s gone and I think they have had the same approach with me.”

The Flames had begun negotiation talks with Cammalleri at the end of February but nothing had been hammered out and he went into this year’s March 5 NHL trade deadline as a hot ticket item.

The 31-year-old winger wound up sticking with the organization and has now ridden out his five-year $30-million contract that was assumed when he was traded from the Montreal Canadiens in 2012.

Although the year was set back by a few injuries — his hand at the start of the season and a concussion in January — Cammalleri still managed to put up 23 goals and 19 assists, most of which came after the trade deadline when he netted 12 markers and 11 assists in 19 games since March 5.

Unsure if he will test the free agent waters or not, Cammalleri expressed interest in staying on board.

“I’d still like to talk to Calgary and see where things are at moving forward a little bit,” he said “I really don’t know how I feel about (free agency).”

Chris Butler, also an unrestricted free agent, is likely due for a raise after the 27-year-old took a step forward in his NHL career and development. He defined himself as a penalty-killing, shot-blocking defenceman.