As he approaches his 30th birthday, Giants right fielder Hunter Pence has learned to stop worrying about individual numbers. Pence instead focuses on preparation, whether that means expending maximum effort during marathon workout sessions, religiously playing pingpong to sharpen his fast-twitch muscles or following an unusual diet.

As it turns out, Pence’s transition from right fielder to reverend last season stemmed partly from years of preparation. How do you go from trade deadline acquisition to vocal clubhouse leader in two months? With plenty of practice. Because his father moved around often for work, Pence attended 12 schools before enrolling at Arlington (Texas) High, and he credits that experience with helping him quickly adjust after last season’s trade.

“New situations never bother me,” Pence said. “I’ve gotten used to making new friends all the time. I get along pretty easily with most people.”

Pence was an immediate fit in the Giants clubhouse, but the transition from Philadelphia to San Francisco wasn’t as seamless at the plate. A two-time All-Star, Pence hit just .219 in 59 post-trade games, with an OPS (.671) that was nearly 150 points below his career average.

Pence says he didn’t feel any pressure to impress a team that had spent over a year trying to acquire him. He didn’t really notice the dip in production, either.

“I was brought here to compete, and I gave my maximum effort and concentration every day,” he said. “I remember I went out there every day, playing the game to win.”

Pence paused and smiled.

“And it seemed like we won a lot of games,” he added.