Micah Richards has revealed Manuel Pellegrini FIBBED about Manchester United’s result ahead of City’s stunning win over West Ham.

The Etihad right-back admitted Pellegrini’s claim that the Reds had beaten Southampton had left his side fired up.

Richards said: “We thought they were winning one nil. The manager said they had won Arsenal had won and Chelsea had won and so we had to win.

“Maybe it was a bit of reverse psychology but it was obviously nice. United will come strong.

"We just knew we had to win. If we had dropped points today well... we watched Liverpool because they kicked off early.

“They looked strong and Arsenal just keep winning. I know people always say Arsenal will blow up but when a team gets that confidence going it’s hard to stop and they will do well this season."

Richards also believes United are missing their legendary former boss Sir Alex Ferguson. But the defender is refusing to rule out a resurgence from City’s Manchester rivals.

“They still have the same players.” he said “They have massive experience and experienced players around who will get them going. So I have no doubts that United will come back stronger from this.

“Let’s not kid ourselves Fergie is probably the best manager ever. He’s probably like having a 12th man in your team.

“But Moyes is a great manager. He’s done a similar job at Everton he didn’t have that much to spend and he kept them consistently playing well.

“It will be hard for them losing Fergie but I think in time Moyes will get it right because he is a fantastic manager.”

Recalling City’s difficult start to the season after they had lifted the title Richards went on: “Before we won the league teams didn’t expect us to win so we could go out and play our football.

“When we won the league teams would drop 11 men behind the ball and we didn’t know how to break them down. That is the difference.

“It hurt [losing the title] especially to United. Because I think squad-wise last season I think we had one of the best in the league.