The Nashville Predators continue to trudge along through their schedule without their star goaltender Pekka Rinne, who remains out after an infection was discovered in his hip.

He has missed a couple of weeks so far and it still sounds like a return to the ice is still a good ways away after seeing the statement by the Predators on Sunday night.

Pekka Rinne underwent a MRI earlier this week and he continues to progress in his recovery from a bacterial infection in his hip which was initially identified and addressed with arthroscopic hip surgery on October 24. There have been no setbacks -- and we and the doctors are thankful they have identified the infection -- so now it is simply a matter of time for recovery and allowing treatment to take its course. Pekka will remain on crutches and antibiotics for at least the next couple weeks before a follow-up MRI in late November. We expect a full and complete recovery and will provide additional updates when appropriate.