Second baseman Dustin Pedroia was in the Red Sox clubhouse, his right thumb encased in a cast.

"I got checked out yesterday, had an MRI and they put me in this cast," Pedroia said. "So I think I'll be in the cast for a couple of weeks and then it should be healed enough to go out and play. But I'm still getting another opinion and stuff."

The Red Sox released a statement that read:

"Dustin Pedroia hyperextended his right thumb on July 3, 2012. He was examined by the Red Sox medical staff and an MRI was performed. Dustin sustained an injury to the volar plate of his right thumb. Dustin will be treated conservatively with a brief period of immobilization. The previous injury to his right thumb adductor muscle has completely healed. This was confirmed by MRI."

Pedroia said this injury is unrelated to the previous injury on his right thumb – a torn adductor muscle for which he missed six games from May 29–June 5, but did not go on the DL. His recent MRI, he said, showed that the previous injury was fully healed.

He sustained the recent injury in the fifth inning of Tuesday's loss in Oakland, a dive attempt on Kurt Suzuki's single to right field.

"This is just a freak thing," Pedroia said. "I dove back for a ball and kind of landed wrong. I didn't feel it till after the game. So it's not like I knew when it happened. So it's just kind of a freak accident."

Pedroia is hopeful the injury would heal within a few weeks and would not end his season.

"No, heck no, I'll be back," he said. "They said surgery's not required. That's why they put me in the cast. So it's one of those things where they don't want me to move it because if I move it back it could not help it heal. So that's why I'm in this thing."