By NFL standards, Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo is ancient. Contruction on the Bills home began in 1972 and the stadium opened in 1973. That means 'the Ralph' is 41 years old, and as you can imagine, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't a big fan of 41-year-old NFL stadiums.

During an interview in New York on Wednesday, Goodell alluded to the fact that the Bills would eventually need a new stadium if they're going to remain in western New York. The team signed a 10-year lease with Erie County in 2012 that calls for $130 million in stadium renovations, but Goodell said that's just a short-term fix for the Bills' stadium problem.

"We said at the time when they entered into a new lease that this is really a short-term solution," Goodell said, via the Buffalo News. "We need to find the right long-term solution that's good for the community and can help the Bills to continue to be successful in western New York."

To continue to be successful, Goodell hinted that the team would need a new stadium. Actually, Goodell didn't just hint that the Bills would need a new stadium, he flat-out said he's talked about it with several groups of people.