Pedro Martinez was back at Red Sox camp today, in uniform and on the field. He spent a few minutes chatting with Daniel Bard at one point and fans flocked to the scene to watch.

“We were just talking generally about pitching and when I looked up everybody had a camera pointed at us,” Bard said. “It was cool to talk to him.”

One of Martinez’s assignments will be working with Felix Doubront, the young lefthander.

“He’s so young and so full of talent that sometimes you take for granted the opportunity we’re given,” Martinez said. “But the same way it comes, the same way it could go. All it takes is a bad injury and you’re out of baseball. And the only thing that prevents injuries is hard work.

“I believe he just doesn’t know. He hasn’t been taught that he’s going to be held accountable for his performance out there and the way he looks and that this is really a serious business. I think it takes a little while to get him mentally prepared to understand the responsibility that he has on top of his shoulders with the whole Boston community and the team.

“I think he’s so young, nowadays these pitchers come up so young, so talented that they don’t realize how much they’re going to be counted on. I think Doubront is a good example. I think he needs to know that he’s really important to this team, to the organization, to the community, to Boston, and that they’re counting on him to be one of the big men. At the same time he’s still a young kid trying to develop and he’s already in the big leagues trying to perform.”