The Red Sox have two former Pirates vying for an infield spot on the Boston bench, but the competition might be a bit closer than the off-season suggested. John Farrell, by way of Peter Abraham, suggests that Holt is in competition for a job, saying the infielder "will get a very good look in camp."

Now, with that being said, Farrell could very much mean that Ciriaco, who was on the Red Sox in 2012, could be the guy to make the team out of spring training. This is even more likely when you consider that he is all out of options, while Holt, who was brought back in the Joel Hanrahan trade, is in possession of all three of his. What the long look would be for, then, is an eventual spot on the roster. Say, if it turns out Pedro Ciriaco's versatile glove just isn't worth all the outs handed to the opposition's pitchers each time the utility man steps to the plate.