A year ago, Jake Peavy spent his winter fending off questions about his effectiveness and soured relationship with ex-manager Ozzie Guillen. There were plenty of unknowns for the right-hander heading into spring training, where he declared he expected to start 30 games and throw 200 innings -- marks he hadn't hit since winning the National League Cy Young in 2007.

Peavy made 32 starts and threw 129 innings for the White Sox in 2012, earning an All-Star bid and posting a 3.37 ERA. He re-upped with the Sox on a two-year, $29 million deal shortly after the World Series, and since then has stayed out of the headlines.

That's a change the pitcher welcomed after last winter.

"When you have some stability to your life, to your health, that’s a big thing," Peavy said. "Since ’09, I haven’t had that. It was nice to have a normal routine. I kind of had that normal routine last year, but at the same time there were so many questions about what I would be able to do and how it would feel.

"Hopefully those are answered now and we can just worry about trying to say healthy from here on out."

The 31-year-old Peavy admitted staying healthy isn't a given, but after finally cleaning that hurdle there's more confidence in his ability to stay off the disabled list. And with that confidence has come a relaxing few months leading into spring training, which begins next week for the White Sox.

"That's the way I love it, I love being in Alabama, I love being low-key and to myself, and just taking a deep breath and exhaling before it all starts again," Peavy said.