There actually was a sad side to Paul Pierce's celebration last night.

The current state of the NBA considered, with fewer stars remaining with their original teams, moments like Pierce's move past Larry Bird into second place on the Celtics' career scoring list might eventually become a thing of the past.

"I hope not. I hope not," Doc Rivers said after the C's 94-84 win against the Charlotte Bobcats. "There are some guys who are staying — and again, I don't begrudge guys who leave. They play themselves into those positions and those opportunities, so they have that chance. But I do like it when guys just say, 'You know what? This is my team; I'm going to make this better. I'm going to stick it out.' I love when I see that. So I think you'll still see some, but not as many, clearly. Kobe (Bryant) coming up. (Dwyane) Wade. You know, Dwyane Wade has added some friends, but he's never left Miami. So there's a lot of guys. I would be shocked to see (Derrick) Rose ever leave Chicago. There's still some good cases."