Paul George figures the Central Division race will be a fun one with the return of LeBron James to Cleveland.

The Indiana Pacers star forward made it clear too that he wants Lance Stephenson to re-sign with the Pacers and join him in the chase. Stephenson, an unrestricted free agent, is weighing a five-year, $44 million offer from the Pacers.

"I was a restricted free agent so I didn't have to go through this," George said at his youth basketball camp at Avon High School on Saturday. "So this is really up to Lance but I do want Lance coming back. I love being teammates with Lance. If he needs any words or anything to talk about, I'm always here for Lance."

George said he has talked to Stephenson a little bit since the season ended.

"I know how stressful this can be," George said. "I don't want to add more to it. Whenever he wants to come out to me, I'm there."

For George, who will be starting his fifth season with the Pacers in the fall, this will be the first time he has played against James in Cleveland.