The first thing that strikes you about Adrian Wilson when you meet him is the handshake. The firmness of his grip is vice-like. Then when he talks his voice registers down low in the deepest of bass ranges. Think Isaac Hayes.

But all that is just the fancy window dressing. All anyone really cares about is if Wilson can be the kind of safety who makes an impact on the field.

While Jake Ballard did beat Wilson deep in the rain on Friday during the first day of training camp for the most part the five-time Pro Bowl safety hasn’t looked out of place playing alongside Devin McCourty with the starting defensive unit.

It’s hard to tell too much based on non-contact practices but the 33-year-old Wilson seems to fit in at first glance. The former Arizona Cardinal has been an active supporter of players in the group handing out encouragement and high-fives.

At this stage of his career the veteran would love nothing more than to provide a similar jolt for the Patriots secondary as c did when he joined the team in 2003.

It’s no accident that there are similarities between the two aside from playing safety and having a healthy handshake.

Just like Harrison did when he arrived at Gillette Wilson is coming in with leadership credentials significant NFL experience and hopes of winning a championship with a new team.

He also comes in with a reputation for being a devastating hitter. But Wilson prefers we stop connecting the dots with the former Patriots great. While he indicated he speaks with Harrison on a regular basis and the two are friends he wants to avoid being compared with Harrison.