The New England Patriots recently treated their training facility to erase any potential existence of MRSA a serious staph infection that also threatened the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this month a league source told ESPN.

The Patriots hosted the Buccaneers two weeks ago for joint training camp practices and scrimmages. After the Buccaneers returned to Tampa and the news surfaced that two of their players had dangerous MRSA infections the Patriots professionally sanitized the visiting locker room at Gillette Stadium according to the source.

The Patriots also sanitized the equipment that the Buccaneers used during their practices against New England according to the source.

MRSA is a powerful bacteria resistant to penicillin-type treatment.

New England did not encounter any potential MRSA cases with any players in its organization. But the Patriots wanted to do everything possible to make sure no remnants of MRSA remained.

The Buccaneers practiced at the Patriots' training facility in mid-August before the two teams played a preseason game Aug. 16.

The NFL Players Association has been monitoring the extent of MRSA existence within the Bucs' facility.