On an otherwise flat night for the Patriots, two guys that spiked for the Patriots were receiver Brian Tyms and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Everybody knew the story behind Garoppolo, the Patriots second-round pick. Not so with Tyms, signed by the Patriots on July 27 right after camp began.

We wrote a little about his difficult upbringing after the game. But even then we didn’t know that Tyms is facing a four-game suspension at the start of this season for testing positive for a banned substance. Tyms said it was the attention aid Adderall. The NFL doesn’t release the substance a player test positive for.

On Sunday, I asked Tyms about the suspension.

“I’ve had a prescription for it since I was 9,” he explained. “It costs money to get all that stuff situated. Money which I didn’t have to spend. It was my fault. I shoulda brought it to the NFL and said, ‘Hey, I take this from time to time before it got to that point.’ But it wasn’t like I’m using it as something to boost my ratings. I been taking it since I was 9. That and Ritalin. I can’t worry about that. I put that in God’s hands. I just come out and try to play to get on this team.”