Bridgewater is still a talented quarterback , but it appears teams are concerned by his slight frame, small hands and inaccuracy on deep passes.

On film, though, he remains the most polished of the available prospects. After an initial binge on QBs, he figures to become highly sought after.

One team may benefit: The New England Patriots, who pick 29th overall and could swing a trade with a team desperate for QB help.

At the top of the second round, the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings could still be looking for their quarterback of the future, if they decide to pass on one with their Top 10 overall picks.

The Texans pick first in the second round, which gives them the advantage. Any of the teams selecting after the Texans may need to trade back into the first round to land Bridgewater.

The Patriots have a penchant for trading down. Last season, the Patriots traded out of the first round entirely. It wasn’t the first time the team did so under the guidance of head coach Bill Belichick. In a loaded draft class, the ability to move down a few slots, while adding an extra pick or two, is an enticing option.