If you’re an NFL veteran without a home, this is your blue period.

The first burst of free agency and all the little afterbursts are over. Teams are turning their attention toward the draft, going to pro days, hosting visits and poring over tape.

You’ve got nothing to do but wait. And address whatever it is that’s kept you from finding a team.

One intriguing player in that situation is Dustin Keller. The former Jets tight end signed last year with the Dolphins but never made it out of the preseason thanks to a devastating knee injury.

It was an awful hit by Houston’s D.J. Swearinger where he went directly at Keller’s knee as Keller pulled in a pass and began to turn. If you think T.J. Ward’s hit on Rob Gronkowski was avoidable and borderline, this hit puts that to shame.

Anyway, the fallout was that Keller’s knee was destroyed as he tore the ACL, MCL and PCL and dislocated his knee.