New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola completely tore the adductor longus tendon in his groin in the team's Week 1 victory over the Buffalo Bills two league sources told Yahoo Sports. And it might be the best thing for the Patriots that he did.

Doctors often treat chronic groin pain by snipping the adductor longus – one of the muscles in the groin – from the pubic bone. Since Amendola's tendon ruptured he essentially did the doctors' work for them eliminating the need for surgery during the season. It also means he has a faster recovery time than if he had a groin operation.

Normal recovery time even without surgery is anywhere from two to six weeks. League sources said Amendola is healing faster than that at a pace closer to three to four which means he might play as soon as next Sunday at Atlanta.

The injury also speaks to the extreme pain Amendola can endure. He injured the groin in the first half of the Buffalo game and still played the second half. It's an injury that would have sidelined almost any player for the rest of the day. Amendola however returned to catch five passes including three critical third-down receptions to sustain Patriot drives. He caught three balls on the team's game-winning drive.