The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl this year thanks in large part to a defense that was vastly improved from previous seasons. Now, the Pats will be faced with a tough situation with their best defensive player.

Darrelle Revis has a $20 million team option in his contract for 2015. If the Patriots pick it up, he would count $25 million toward the cap next season. Revis’ contract was structured that way to prevent New England from using the franchise tag on him.

Should the Patriots decide $25 million is too much of a cap hit for one player, they’ll have to release Revis and try to work out a long-term extension with him. According to Jason Cole of Bleacher report, they’ll have serious competition from two teams in New York.

“The New York Jets are going to be a major player for this one,” Cole reports. “Rex Ryan up in Buffalo is going to want to bring Revis in no matter what. He loves Revis and Revis loves Rex Ryan. More importantly, Revis really likes New York. He would really consider a reunion with the Jets.”