Patrick Sharp remained on the Johnny’s IceHouse West ice long after his teammates had gone to the locker room. Beside him was a large bucket of pucks. The puck-to-stick sound resonated, one shot after another, through the arena during coach Joel Quenneville’s press conference.

For Sharp, it wasn’t any big deal, no reason to read into his extra time there.

“It was just a little practice,” he said. “I’ve done that a few times. Sometimes you get into the routine of practicing every day, and it’s nice to go out and work on some things you don’t usually get a chance to. I wasn’t tiring myself out, out there. Just stationary shooting.”

Be it “just a little practice” or working through some frustrations during a tough season, Sharp turned that target practice into two goals on Friday night. And that could be enough to get him going the rest of the postseason.

Sharp scored twice, his first two of this brief postseason, in the Blackhawks’ 5-2 victory over Minnesota in Game 2 of their Western Conference quarterfinal series on Friday. It was a good night for the Blackhawks but an especially good one for Sharp, whose left-shoulder injury cost him a good deal of the already abbreviated regular season. Teammates say it should lead to bigger and better things in these playoffs.