It's still only February and the arctic chill and car-high snow drifts back in South Buffalo give the impression that this winter from North Pole will never end.

And yet Patrick Kane is perhaps just a little bit afraid for summer to come. He knows that there will be many lonely days.

Who's he going to play Texas Hold 'Em with? Who's going to deal five-card draw now that his grandfather has passed away?

Kane, the hockey superstar, had a very special relationship with his grandfather, the World War II veteran.

"He was one of my best friends," he said.

Donald Kane passed away on Feb. 3. He was 87.

Patrick skipped one Chicago Blackhawks game so he could return home to attend the funeral. He is now in Sochi, not to mourn but to play Olympic hockey. He very likely will still do both, however.

You never forget your loved ones.