The Bruins yesterday had their head shots taken by Sports Illustrated before practice, and it was just Patrice Bergeron’s luck.

Courtesy of his scrap with Evgeni Malkin at the end of the second period of Game 1, Bergeron was sporting the makings of a black eye, stitches on the bridge of his nose and some jersey burn on the back of his neck.

Say cheese.

“I think for the past six team photos I’ve had a shiner,” Shawn Thornton said. “So I told him, ‘Welcome to my world.’ ”

It was a rather stunning sight, actually, to see two of the league’s top players dropping the gloves after something apparently got under Malkin’s skin. At the end of the second period, there was a scrum at center ice and Malkin attempted to get Bergeron in a head lock, popping his helmet off. Malkin threw a punch with his gloved hand, Bergeron subsequently dropped his gloves, and the two went at it.

Malkin landed on top of Bergeron and the two had to be pried away from each other.

“I guess it’s just part of the playoffs, right?” said Bergeron, brushing off the dust-up as no big deal. “We know the emotions are high, the intensity is high. Games are big, so I’m not really surprised. But at the same time, it just happened.”

What initiated it?

“I don’t know. I guess it was the fact that he just grabbed me from the side and we just kept pushing each other. There wasn’t one particular thing that started it,” Bergeron said.