Kings coach Keith Smart was prepping for Saturday night's game in Brooklyn and he watched tape of Brook Lopez with particular interest. The Nets center, Smart noticed, has slowed down the game considerably.

"Sometimes, we want guys to play great right away because they're big but they have to mature," Smart said. "All players, they have to learn how to play fast but slow. His game has slowed down a great deal. There were a couple moves he had while I was getting ready for this game where he caught it on the post, real patient and just gave a face up. A couple years ago, he would have taken that and tried to drive or run over somebody.

"So the evolution of slowing down as a big pro player as a big man that's when you become quicker with your moves and obviously he's doing some of those."

No argument from Lopez, who produced 18 points in just 16 minutes in the 113-93 romp.

"I think that's a fair observation," Lopez said. "I'm just trying to evaluate my options. Just reading if it's single coverage or what happens when the double comes instead of just getting [and going]."