Washington Redskins quarterback Pat White’s return to the NFL isn’t necessarily worthy of too much attention given his lack of success during a short stint with the Miami Dolphins, but it nonetheless comes with some level of intrigue.In order to resume his career.

White has abandoned a lawsuit against the NFL that stemmed from a concussion he suffered in a Jan. 3, 2010 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. White’s agent, Fletcher Smith, told NFL.com that White decided to abandon the lawsuit after he began feeling healthy in recent months. White started working out again, while bulking up, before ultimately deciding he wanted to give football another shot.

The source noted that White’s concussion — suffered on a hit by Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor — didn’t just lead him to irregular symptoms. It also rattled his mindset about football, giving him added reason to leave the game. Feeling healthy, more mature and more physically prepared to handle the magnitude of the NFL, the former West Virginia star feels ready to give the game another shot.

Of course, that also comes with major challenges beyond his health. Perhaps more importantly than his own decision to resume his career, White must convince teams that he still has the skill set. During his time with Miami, he never looked physically gifted enough and his accuracy was far from professional caliber.